Give & Grow Donations

We have chosen some of our favorite charities to support with our online orders.  You can choose any of the following to donate to at checkout.

  • Abbie's Angels - is a 501(C)3 Bully Breed Rescue in Houston, Tx. Our mission is to rescue, rehabilitate, & rehome bully breeds.
  • Fuzzy Texan Animal Rescue - This rescue is a local rescue to us and one that we just adopted our recent fur baby from.  
  • Upright Canine Brigade - this group helps animals with Megaesophagus.  My own personal dog was diagnosed with this and without the help and support of this group she wouldn't be alive today.
  • Lexington Pit CrewOur goal is to unite bully breed advocates in the Central KY area in the hopes of saving lives
  • Boots for Troops - this is a local organization who's mission Is To Uplift And Empower The Overall Morale And Mental Well-Being Of Our Active Duty Military, Veterans, And Spouses.  We participate in their local fundraising event every October.
  • Patriots of TexasWe strive to help the men and women who keep us safe, and who have served our country. We fight to help these heroes, and honor them as they have devoted their lives to us.  Offering assistance to military persons and first responders, in working to create solutions to common transitional and situational issues for community heroes.
  • Houston Law Enforcement Officers Family Support Unit - provide support to law enforcement families when it's needed the most